Pandemic Crisis Management
Local communities have a crucial role in creating public resiliency. The course will provide community leaders with tools and proven techniques which are based on the Israeli experience for community response during pandemic outbreak. You will learn how to  identify, communicate and mobilize the most influential actors within your community towards improved preparedness and resiliency in times of Crisis.  The course will focus on the psychological and social aspects of dealing with medical emergencies, especially in the field of epidemics. 

Date: Between 3 August - 30 September, 2020 on the ZOOM platform.

Price: 600 $ USD

Content: 14 academic hours of interactive lectures with Israeli experts on the following subjects:

  • Introduction to crisis management and differences between disasters and crises caused by epidemics and other comorbidities and disasters and crises caused by other causes (earthquakes, terrorism, floods)
  • Health organizations' preparedness for health disaster and Preparedness of community organizations and NGO's for such disasters.
  • Decision-making in crisis situations, the need for flexibility and changes in motion.
  • Risk management and decision making under uncertain conditions.
  • Communities education.
  • Public behavior in emergency situations, with emphasis on morbidity and epidemic situations.
  • Cooperation between government , communities and organizations in the second, third and fourth sectors. 

Participants completing this course will be granted a GIMI Certificate of participation for Pandemic Crisis Management (Online Course).

It is important to follow the registration instructions and complete payment for securing your participation, seats are limited.