Online Agriculture, Environment & Water Courses: 2021

 The seeds of progress are in knowledge
Agribusiness, Sustainable Farm Management for Small Holders – Online Course
Date: 27 October - 22 November, 2021
Content: 16 academic hours
Designed for:  Farmers, Consultants, Agriculture trainers, Agriculture Sector Regional Directors, NGO employees
Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development - Online Course
Date: 16 November - 14 December, 2021
Content: 22 academic hours
Designed for: Government Officials, Agriculture Sector Regional Directors, Private Sector & NGOs Employees, Water Mgt. Consultant, Academics & Researchers
Diploma in Agribusiness - Online Programme  - Online Course
Date: 17 January - 17 March, 2022
Content: 54  academic hours
Designed for: Farm and agribusiness owners, Support managerial staff involved in agriculture endeavours and agribusiness,
Individuals seeking the tools and practical skillset to move into the aforementioned roles.